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Whale Medicine


Okay, I’ve been back for a whole week.  It’s time to pull words from head and tell about Hawaii so I can sleep again.  It was predictable in the paradise sense of things but also so much more than I had imagined.  My hilarious and industrious travel partner, Jackie and I spent the first two weeks at a commune called Cinderland, before seeing the light and moving up the hill, literally and metaphorically to another ecovillage/commune setting I’m going to leave unnamed.  Not to be selfish but I’d like to be able to return to the latter locale and find a bed open and waiting for me.  IMG_4765
Day One at Cinderland we thought we struck gold.  I’ll pull an excerpt from my journal to give a taste of life there:
“I am so in love with this place.  Healing.  Eating conscious food.  Yoga in the morning.  Picking avocados out of the foliage around our house.  A medicine wheel on the front wall.  A mandala as our doormat.  Showering between the banana trees.  IMG_4761Sewing up the holes in the mozzy net that covers our California king-sized bed.  I haven’t been indoors in days.  Playing dice by candlelight and learning old folk songs on the guitar.  Looking forward to the Sunday drum circle at the nudie beach.  A farmer’s market in Pahoa.  An open mic night at the kava bar.  Slowing the pace and the days feel more full than ever.  Hunting for a blank wall to paint as part of my work trade.  Hitchhiking between beautiful places. Multiple jaw-dropping whale sightings. Saying yes to what comes and letting go of everything else.  Fear, stories, suffering.  Releasing what I know about myself and seeing what’s left.  Who I want to be.  How open I can be.  What happens when you say yes to life instead of forcing it down a certain path?  The sound of drumming wafts to me from the nearest living space.  The Zen Den.  Or maybe Middle Earth.  Four beds and a small kitchen.   A bookshelf overflowing and endless murals adorning each open surface.  Including the floors and the benches.  Knee to shoulder-high walls enclose a small outdoor shower also covered in intricate paintings. We renamed our zone The Goddess Nest.   A rainbow maze of art that is each wall-less building connects through the jungle by winding red gravel paths, lined in fruit trees and a lacy network of spiderwebs that dangles close overhead.”
IMG_4774    The two words that sum this trip up for me are rhythm and flow.  The hitchhiking adventures, sunbathing and grounding are punctuated by gatherings involving the pounding heartbeat of drums.  The flow is what I keep falling into, pushing myself into, desperately trying to give into.  It’s a beautiful experience to venture outside of your comfort zone.  It is something that people should do much more often.  I could feel that fiery Pele energy.  The one that will call to you and pull you to the islands or will rage at you and kick you out until you’re ready to come back.  There is an obvious escape aspect to this bippety boppity, off the grid, into the jungle lifestyle and there’s also a realm of deep healing.  That looks different for each of us.  Some can’t handle the trauma and stress of Babylon.  Others need a quiet place to heal before returning.  Some are literally hiding out from the law, or their family, or debt.  Some are here to build and grow with the earth and each other.

I am breaking through barriers that I’ve built between myself and community.  Working on patience and knowing when silence says more than words. Saying yes to this moment and having faith that it will lead me to the exact perfect next moment.  Letting go of needing things.  The baggage.  Even this much stuff is way more than I need.  Opening up to see how closed off I’ve been and wanting desperately to push beyond that. There are no accidents.  Every step I take is in the exact right direction.  I found myself unable to break away from the activated and inspiring people I was continually surrounded by in Hawaii to find the solitude to write.   I could absolutely see a life there, but in this moment I am feeling pulled inward.  To find space and quiet to officially finish a polished and complete draft of my novel and to get that out in the world is my only goal at present.  I thank Pele and the Big Eye for giving me that clarity and I know I will be back just as I am always going back to everywhere.   What a fun and rainbow ride. IMG_4772


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Black Light Mural

A mural I just finished on my friends wall down in the Applegate Valley.  It’s acrylic on drywall, 3 feet diameter.

Before/layout shot:







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Last Thursday!

IMG_4323I will be setting up at Last Thursday on North Alberta Street tomorrow afternoon/evening.  If anyone is in the Portland area please come out and say hi.  Lots of new string art pieces for show and sale.

light and love,



IMG_4329Edit: (more pics of my art on the street)

string spread

last thursday

sherona art

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SCI New Years Eve Run 2012-2013


11″x17″ colored pencil on paper.

Limited Edition print.

Made for the Broomfield, Colorado shows December 29-31, 2012

$5 on lot.
$20 after the event.


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Rainbow Chief Headdress


Headband is hand beaded and leather is hand stitched. Feathers were hot glued on.  Whole project was spread out over two months in Boulder, Colorado.  Special thanks to Jenna Fakhoury, the model, for her assistance.


The feathers were from a deconstructed pair of wings gifted to me from the Magical Cali Simpson:

The before photo

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The Unbearable Lightness of Rainbows

I feel the time has come for me to explain this rainbow obsession of mine.

It is not about gay pride.  Although I proudly support gay rights WHOLEheartedly, I am straight.  It is also not a spunion, candy-kid raver fascination with multicolored plastic beads.  However, they may indeed be getting from that full spectrum the same things I’m getting.


I believe, and have read that all living things are made up of light waves.  Each of us (organisms) are putting out our own glow, or aura if you will.  That light, which is also more literally the physical quality that allows us to constantly perceive the beautiful world around us, when broken down or refracted is a full spectrum, ROYGBIV of colors.  Honoring that light in each of us and all living things is the basis of my fascination with rainbows.

Furthermore, the seven chakras in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism are also associated with different colors.  Colored light, different hued glasses and specific types of colored stones are all said to assist in activating and unblocking energy pathways in each chakra. It is believed that the unblocking of these energy vortices is essential to the process of enlightenment and thus in the path to nirvana.  Red- Base/Root Chakra, Orange- Sacral Chakra, Yellow- Solar Plexus Chakra, Green- Heart Chakra, Blue- Throat Chakra, Indigo- Third Eye Chakra and Violet or White- Crown Chakra.

I believe our purpose on this earth is to dwell in the light and to honor the light in each other and all living things.  To focus on the positive, to follow one’s true passions, to love unconditionally is to add to the light.  We are each a small candle, illuminating the temple of planet earth, for as long as we are blessed enough to inhabit it.

Namaste.  The spirit (light) in me bows to the spirit (light) in you.


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Kundalini: My First Burning Man Installation



first assemblage

Fully strung


Rainbow Family Portrait

Night shot


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