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Following Breadcrumbs

FS yin yangI recently had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about pursuing one’s passion.  I subscribe to the notion that everyone has an inner talent, an inner genius, a natural propensity for something in life that they are not only good at, but that feels good to them.  My friend was determined that the only thing he was passionate about was playing Basketball and the ship had sailed on doing that professionally so I was wrong. 

I’m not writing this article to prove I’m right but in hopes of inspiring a treasure hunt in those who are willing to read this.  If you have not yet discovered your passion, the only way you can absolutely not find it is by not looking, or by giving up.  I am not saying that we don’t have to work shitty jobs in the mean time.  If you only knew the number of jobs I have quit and been fired from in the last decade while hunting down my passions.  You likely will have to do something to pay the bills while you sort out what it is you truly love doing, what you’re great at, what you have to offer the world and how the fuck it can be marketable.  But the key is to not get comfortable.  Don’t allow that job you don’t love, no matter how well it pays or how content you are right now doing it, to become your life and distract you from trying new things.  The only way to fail at this is to give up trying.  This is a law of numbers, there is no way you can miss 100% of the time.  You win some and you lose some but you win some.  If you try things and they’re not quite right for you, you MUST try more things. 

fuck yes

I’m a very fortunate person.  I had a support system that allowed me to fuck up a lot of times and get back to ground zero over and over again while I explored the world and did things I enjoyed until I dowsed out what I was truly passionate about.  Not everyone has the time I did, or the backup plan… But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  It is only impossible when you decide it is.  Do the things that scare you, do the things that make you nervous and sweaty and that sound like another person’s life because everything is someone else’s until you make it yours, and become the person that it belongs to.

I could go into a rant about the law of attraction and the power of the mind in manifesting things and the incredible transformation I’ve experienced with nothing more than a simple daily gratitude list but I’ll save that for another day.  Right now all I’m asking is that you keep trying.  Keep testing the waters for something new you haven’t ruled out yet, because the more people who find out what it is they’re passionate about the better off this world will be.  Happiness breeds happiness.  Courage inspires courage in others.  Passion is contagious and it generates enthusiasm and engagement and productivity.  Be BOLD!  Figure out what you want and go get it.  E.E. Cummings said, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Maybe the word ‘passion’ itself is a hangup for you, maybe you need to find something that simply engages you.  Find something that pulls on your insides and lights a little fire in there.  Something that you enjoy and that feels more like a hobby than work and do that, pursue that, trust it as simply a bread crumb leading you in the right direction because you can trust your heart, or your gut, or whatever part inside you that knows things before your brain talks you out of it.  That inner self or innate wisdom deep inside you knows and will help you make decisions along the way if you train yourself to listen.


I have put off writing this for a while because there are so many versions of this letter out there already, a fabulous one was written by my own mother, which you can read here, about achieving mastery and not giving up.  And another by one of my favorites, the infamous Cheryl Strayed, you can read here about allowing yourself to be where you are, and figure out what’s next.  This is not a new discussion, but I brought it up again because sometimes we need to be reminded.  We are the architects of our own lives, and we can pretend to be the victim of our circumstances or we can take responsibility and empower ourselves to craft it exactly as we see fit.


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Full Spectrum Hypnotherapy

Logo no bleed

I own a business now.

Looking back on my life as a chain of events I can see all the turning points that led to this.  How perfectly placed and seemingly spontaneous each moment was.  Getting fired from that job.  Changing time zones.  Consoling that friend.  Seeing the universe displayed in the heart of a person through their wide open eyes.  A moment so humbling that time seems to stop and you can look around and get it all.  This illusory life thing.  Pivotal moments that pushed and pulled me down a path, guiding me toward my passion.

I recently read a book by Michael Newton called Journey of Souls.  The book said that some of his clients, while regressed to a state between lives, reported a class like scene in which they memorized all the “signs” they’d be given in their upcoming life.  Things like the look of a person’s smile, or the smell of their soulmate’s hair.  Signals meant to be recognized by us in life, in order to lead us to the right lessons.  I think we can all recall a few of these moments of clarity.

About a month and a half ago I was out for a walk.  I’d been manifesting an office: somewhere to write, somewhere to ‘get work done’, and maybe a place to begin seeing clients.  I passed by a small spanish style house that had been converted into offices.  A large yellow banner said, “For Lease.”  A wooden sign out front listed a small assortment of MFT’s and Doctors, but the section on the sign for office number four was blank.  Four happens to be my lucky number, and I’d been looking for an office.  “It’s a sign,” I said to myself.  Yes, out loud.

I entered the building expecting a receptionist and found none.  I located the door marked four and knocked.  No answer.  So, I tried the handle and as soon as the door swung wide I knew.  This was my office.  Not because of the beautiful skylight or the light blue walls.  Not even because four is my lucky number, though that helped.  I simply recognized it.  I knew somewhere inside me that this room has a place in my life.  ‘It was meant to be’ would be a cheesy way to say it but that’s what I felt.  With conviction.  This is a space in which some of my life’s work will be done.  And then as though heavy, loud dominoes were falling, all the pieces to creating this business fell into place.  A lease.  A business license.  A bank account.  A desk.  A lamp.  A logo.  My name on that sign out front and then… my first client!  Almost as though the thing spilled right out of me, like it had been waiting to exist and now it does, at last.

photo 1-1

I own a business now.  On Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay, California.  A lease to me was like a noose for the better part of the last decade and I can honestly say I’m a little bit thrilled to pay rent this month.  I have finally found a thing that I truly want to have.


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If you know anyone that could potentially be interested in hypnotherapy, please send them my way.  Officially open for sessions via skype, yes it works that way too.  OR, of course, in my shiny new office for those nearby.

Update: Wildheartsriseup.com has replaced Full Spectrum

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Thank You, More Please

I wrote in my journal a year ago when I moved to Colorado the first time. I want a bartending job, a free place to live and a lover. Within two weeks I had two of them and within a month the third. I didn’t realize I had even asked for that specifically until months later looking at the date on the entry and seeing how it had all panned out. Letting your list of desires lay on a page and then completely forgetting about them allows the universe to work it’s magic and pull those things to you. Not worrying about them or forcing decisions for how you think things should show up, leaves it all up to chance.  The thing about the law of attraction is you will never know the “how” ahead of time. Things tend to manifest in strange and unexpected ways.  You couldn’t possibly think up the “how”; the “what” is all you need to worry about and then, don’t worry about it. Release it through written word or opening up to someone in your life, what things you are committed to creating or manifesting and then go about your day. Go to ten interviews and give each all you have. Go on ten dates and see what qualities are endearing and supportive to your life. Look at every place you could possibly tolerate living, or every offer a friend brings up in conversation and the right one to choose will always become obvious. And sometimes the one you choose will be rough, the roommates will be messy, or the job will only last a couple months, the rough ones are actually the perfect thing to do also. They teach you the lessons that are made just for you, to keep pushing you along your perfect path.

People often search for the perfect lover or the perfect car or just the right job and 401k, hoping that at some point there will be no more searching. That at some point there will be sublime happiness and contentment and nothing left to worry about. This is simply not reality. Making your life about finding that end point, that perfect state, is to ignore the joy in the present. To refuse to be here now. To stay present in the process, to trust that even the hard times are the right times for you in the moment, to say yes to each situation, good or bad, that shows up for you: This is the meaning of life. Thank you, more please. Gratitude. Grace, kindness and thanks in each moment. This is the way to make it through. This is the way to add to the light. This is it.

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