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I own a business now.

Looking back on my life as a chain of events I can see all the turning points that led to this.  How perfectly placed and seemingly spontaneous each moment was.  Getting fired from that job.  Changing time zones.  Consoling that friend.  Seeing the universe displayed in the heart of a person through their wide open eyes.  A moment so humbling that time seems to stop and you can look around and get it all.  This illusory life thing.  Pivotal moments that pushed and pulled me down a path, guiding me toward my passion.

I recently read a book by Michael Newton called Journey of Souls.  The book said that some of his clients, while regressed to a state between lives, reported a class like scene in which they memorized all the “signs” they’d be given in their upcoming life.  Things like the look of a person’s smile, or the smell of their soulmate’s hair.  Signals meant to be recognized by us in life, in order to lead us to the right lessons.  I think we can all recall a few of these moments of clarity.

About a month and a half ago I was out for a walk.  I’d been manifesting an office: somewhere to write, somewhere to ‘get work done’, and maybe a place to begin seeing clients.  I passed by a small spanish style house that had been converted into offices.  A large yellow banner said, “For Lease.”  A wooden sign out front listed a small assortment of MFT’s and Doctors, but the section on the sign for office number four was blank.  Four happens to be my lucky number, and I’d been looking for an office.  “It’s a sign,” I said to myself.  Yes, out loud.

I entered the building expecting a receptionist and found none.  I located the door marked four and knocked.  No answer.  So, I tried the handle and as soon as the door swung wide I knew.  This was my office.  Not because of the beautiful skylight or the light blue walls.  Not even because four is my lucky number, though that helped.  I simply recognized it.  I knew somewhere inside me that this room has a place in my life.  ‘It was meant to be’ would be a cheesy way to say it but that’s what I felt.  With conviction.  This is a space in which some of my life’s work will be done.  And then as though heavy, loud dominoes were falling, all the pieces to creating this business fell into place.  A lease.  A business license.  A bank account.  A desk.  A lamp.  A logo.  My name on that sign out front and then… my first client!  Almost as though the thing spilled right out of me, like it had been waiting to exist and now it does, at last.

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I own a business now.  On Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay, California.  A lease to me was like a noose for the better part of the last decade and I can honestly say I’m a little bit thrilled to pay rent this month.  I have finally found a thing that I truly want to have.


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If you know anyone that could potentially be interested in hypnotherapy, please send them my way.  Officially open for sessions via skype, yes it works that way too.  OR, of course, in my shiny new office for those nearby.

Update: Wildheartsriseup.com has replaced Full Spectrum

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About two years ago I read a book called Miracles Happen by Brian Weiss.  I had an epiphany that healing through hypnosis and past life regression is something I am meant to do.  I got my name on the waiting list for a five day intensive workshop with Dr. Weiss and imagined all the magical things that would occur if my name were to be called and I were to fly to upstate New York to experience one of Weiss’ workshops at the Omega Institute.  I drew a giant Omega symbol on my bathroom mirror.  I crossed my fingers and wrote about how much I wanted to go.  Last June I got a phone call asking me if I was ready to register.  I didn’t have the money but I said yes, and told them I’d pay  whatever I could whenever it came to me.  The passage that follows was written shortly after my return from Omega a month ago.  Yesterday I registered for a hypnotherapy certification course and am delighted to announce that I see this beautiful and inspiring road stretching out before me and I will hopefully be touring the country to practice on all my loved ones soon…

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I’m finding myself squinting into the light of life post-Omega.  I expected transformation.  I expected profound awakenings.  I expected soul mates and clarity and a new skill-set to take back into the world with me.  I received almost all of these things, along with jet-lag and emotional exhaustion.  I believe I got exactly what I was meant to.
I saw a man connect with a total stranger whom he shared past lives with, coming to the realization that she was his grandfather reincarnated.  I made sure to nag him to have her meet his father, still living, if at all possible.  I am hoping that they can all three make amends for the things in the past that they regret and forgive each other from a new place of understanding. They are having a reunion as I type this.
I saw myself as a child, making very clear and correct decisions based on my intuition. This was followed by years of emotional abuse, where I forged water-tight walls around my heart in order to protect myself.  The abuse having ended half a lifetime ago, I realized the very sturdy barrier that I had up against the rest of the world was no longer necessary.  If my intuition was strong and accurate at six years old, why would it be less so now?  I will know when someone sounds my inner alarm, and can then protect myself.  Having this realization allowed me to begin tearing that wall down.  During an exercise we did, I was able to identify my upper back and shoulder pain as my physical manifestation of that shield of armor and release it.  The pain is still gone and I’d like to think my ‘hunted’ persona is fading as well.
I saw moments in my past that I had forgotten and found love for myself that I had yet to allow myself to accept.  I held my grandfathers hand between worlds and saw another life that I shared with my father.  I regressed a classmate and wrote furiously as his spirit guides answered all the questions I could come up with.  I softened my shell and I now feel very deeply in love despite my current fragility.

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I will be forever changed by this workshop and am thrilled to follow the white rabbit as it leads me to more experiences in this work.  I plan on taking a hypnotherapy certification course in late November.  Until then I’ll be practicing on whoever I can find, and trying to piece together the wealth of insights I received in the past week. Today I struggled through traffic and bills and red tape.  I yelled at ‘bad’ drivers in my way.  And then the universe fed me a couple game-changers.  Two people crossed my path and shifted my awareness back to benevolence.  The universe will test us, it will pull us through the muck but it will pull us out again too.  There is light through the darkness.  And the roller-coaster rides on, like a slow-motion strobe light.  Take a nice deep breath, and feel yourself relaxing.

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