Sunday Morning

My slippers need more soul
They’re too old, and too small
My traveling toes are freezing
As winter springs from fall

Time is ticking and talking in code
As I dance naked in a paint by number sunrise
Swimming circles around peanut butter and jelly fish
I ignore reason and accept lies

Moving through the halls of music
Meeting names and learning people
I pass by paintings of colored pencils
And atheist renditions of a gothic steeple

Coughing myself in and out of sleep
My alarm sounds…. like church bells
Dawn drenching the blinds
I drown in deep blue blanket swells

Beers engulf the bathroom counter
And toothpaste lines the kitchen sink
My health can’t seem to heal itself
Awake and take, another day, another drink

Life Strife Knife

coffee and nicotine
orange couches and broken screens
spontaneity becomes routine
addicted to escaping
boredom with consistency
closed eyes that try to see
life ending to quickly
time seeps through that way
what the fuck did i do today
passion fading, now blue, now grey
substances awaiting, lets get away
sobriety comes knocking
reality returns
lesson learned
awakening burns
self indulged dialogues
the audience missed the prologue
caring for a stagnate cause
loving the orgasmic pause
a moment that lacks responsibility
breath in debaucherous tranquility
why not indulge with us
I’m going but I’m futureless
slowed reactions
brain infraction
lacking interaction
Eugene blue jeans
take a hit its soothing
how much can you endure
when will they find a cure
this solution is impure

Black and White

blink, blink, blink
a monotone sky folds open before me
18% grey and 82% water
sitting up the tips of the thigh high grass
are greeting me at eye level
all flat silver blades
no color
slicing the air they inhabit
slowly, gently
lying back down
i feel dew on my shoulders
the mist on my face
no color
no sound
bare skin absorbing
the crackle of bending grass
below hands, legs, feet, toes
each breath sounds distant and slow
each thought is a dew drop
reaching the end of a leaf
falling to infinity
breaking on reality
rolling to my side
a zebra’s forest consumes me
a drop of deep red blood
crawls into focus
a ladybug stares me down
and the intrigue of color
my guide into oz
nods to me from her lady branch
and flies away

Free Your Mind

(another crazy philosophy on what is truth,
quite inspired by raam dass’s “be here now”
as well as dan millman’s “way of the peaceful warrior”)

a moment to wonder upon
wander upon
wander up onto a hillside
that the sun recently slid behind
a path new yet familiar
the smell of early summer
the crunch of gravel beneath your feet
winding upwards a moonlit lake comes into view

where are you?
who are you?
WHAT is “you”?
are you your hands?
without hands you would remain
are you your heart?
a simple pump used constantly but automatically
are you your head?
again an organ, tangible, breakable
what is the you that supposedly owns these pieces?
notice: “your” head, if “you” are your head, the head would not be “yours”….
let us say that you are beyond physicality

physical limitations do not apply:
with the physical lies time
although intangible, time is an attribute of the physical world
-> so, without time “you” lose age as well
no future, no past
without the physical world you cannot prove
that you ever have existed
or you ever will exist again…

you have just become.
you ARE now.
“where?” you might ask…
where is not important
“where” is again, physical
Here is where
you are here, now
you are
simply “are”
are, am, being, to be
to be here now
with no future and no past
that is the essence of being
there is no conflict in being
there is no task,
achievment leads to nowhere
just be

and with this mindset
relax into being,
aware of an illusion of the physical world,
allow that physical body,
knowing it does not exist,
to relax,
relax and

This is a note from my friend Shawn:

the rainbow you rode caught my eye! Our tapestries quilted. You directed
me toward dawn, toward the temple. I realized I had a place there waiting
for me if I wanted it, a place for me at the temple, a place within them
who love honest in the world.
You are a knight of the dawning world.
There is no time to speak nonsense nor deal with it because time, the
rising and setting of the sun will go on without you, whether you pay
attention to its passing or the beautiful things it produces and ables.
You can feel its cycle without having to pay attention to its processes,
you can focus your attention upon the time, hours, roads, adventures you
are having rather than the time, years, business, light that you are
You opened this door for me, offered possibilities but gave no direction.
Gasoline will burn on top of salt water, the tears will not stop the
destruction. It takes action, reaction to move the events that move you,
not just contemplation.
So Rage till dawn, have a smoke for breakfast. Watch Strip Jeopardy and
keep misting cool in the afternoon.
Love, live, be, be not afraid or bitter. Express what you think. Lead by
the way you live. Save your tears, laugh.

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  1. That saves me. Thanks for being so sesnblie!

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