Last Thursday!

IMG_4323I will be setting up at Last Thursday on North Alberta Street tomorrow afternoon/evening.  If anyone is in the Portland area please come out and say hi.  Lots of new string art pieces for show and sale.

light and love,



IMG_4329Edit: (more pics of my art on the street)

string spread

last thursday

sherona art

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Burning it all down

Dear Everyone,


38 hours till lift off.  Black Rock City bound!  It’s so close I can taste it.  Actually I can literally taste it as the clouds of dust shake out of my unwashed rainbow gear.  The preparation is well under way but a D&M (deep and meaningful conversation) recently got me thinking ahead.  To when the man lies in ashes and the wagons turn around.

When leaving Burning Man each year most of us, while sleep deprived and emotionally exhausted, are also supercharged with a deep connection.  A connection to our community, and what it is to be a part of one, and also connected with a deeper part of ourselves.  A part that unfortunately we often struggle to keep around.  That for me is a huge reason why I keep going back.  I desire that yearly reminder of what it feels like to be unconditionally loved and unconditionally loving towards each person you come across.  The temple burn gets far less press than the man.  Rightly so, this party in the desert was first created and is first recognized as just that: A party.  The temple, however, is an opportunity to evolve.  We spend the week placing mementos, writing notes, and dropping baggage in the temple.  Sunday night we then burn the thing to the ground.  A friend of mine a few years back hated this idea.  “It’s so beautiful.  How could we possibly build something so wonderful just to set it on fire?”  True.  It’s fucking crazy when you think about it physically.  But as temples generally are built for spiritual purposes we’ll delve further.  The temple has to be just exactly as big and grand and intricate as it is because it has to hold all of our shit and suffering and personal hells in it.  A place so full of pain and old stories and incredible loved ones that we’ve lost has to be magnificent and important.  And then we have to burn that shit to the ground.  It is our cleansing.  It is our forgiving of the world for its moments of cruelty.  It is our release from all things that keep us from being our highest selves.  So what do you burn?
As always I hold space for my two closest grandparents, legendary counselors and my supreme examples of pure love.  I burn my grief for them and raise to a level where I can still feel them with me, a place where I know they are not gone, and never will be.  This year my step-mothers Mom has also passed.  So I burn the sadness that has followed and I imagine her with her husband, playing cards, happy and young again, jumping into the lake behind their heavenly cabin in Wisconsin.
I burn heartache.  The months in my past spent aching over my first love.  I let him go completely.  In the ashes I find an opening for new love and a readiness to be a part of an elevated and healthy relationship.  One where we are both pushed beyond what we once thought possible in support, inspiration and unconditional love.
I burn unworthiness.  I am worthy.  I deserve and accept the very best in life.
I burn poverty and any thought related to being in want.  As that goes up in flames, I welcome infinite abundance and know that it is my birth right.  WE are energy, all things are energy, we create flow by bringing our thoughts to the gratitude of having flow.  I burn stagnation.  I create evolution.
These are things I am burning down for myself.  But more importantly I am burning them down for each of you.  By removing my own blockages, letting go of my suffering and baggage, and connecting to my highest self whenever possible I am creating a better world for us all to live in.  A world more in tune with love and community.
I am burning it all down for you, and I’m hoping you burn it all down for me too.
Light, love, fire and ashes and dust,


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Bowrain Reincarnated

My most recent rainbow project.  Here are some details of Bowrain’s new wings…Bowrain bef:after photo Bowrain maze photo

Bowrain text photo

Bowrain tail photoFor those of you who don’t know her, here is Bowrain’s epic tale.

And in the spirit of my favorite time of year here’s another article about BRC from a couple years ago.


actual moment of reunification

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Phish at the Gorge 2013

phish 2013

11″x17″ Colored pencil and ink on paper.

Made for the Phish shows at the Gorge Amphitheater July 26 and 27th, 2013.

$5 on lot, $20 online.

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From Telluride through Sherwood Forest


What a fantastic weekend. (Or ten days) Telluride! Beautiful people, incredible music and absolutely stunning landscapes.  Sitting once again beside an ice cold waterfall in Town Park, cleansed by it’s earthly delight.  Elephant Revival blew it out of the park.  Trampled by Turtles night-grass was a life changing experience.IMG_3897 I am happy, refreshed and inspired.  I am in love with people.  It hit me again the other night just how completely bat-shit crazy my life is.  I am a peripatetic vagabond and I fucking love that. What a world to explore.  What a time to be alive.  What an amazing journey to continue diving headlong into.  I find bliss in living each day to perfection.  I am so grateful to my muse, my wanderlust and my infinite supply of friends and family that support me on my path.  I ride the wave that is the open road and thank the universe for divine serendipity in all I do.  Thank you thank you thank you! Right place, right time, even when an hour late.


I am but a player on a stage and that knowledge has the power to set me free in this life.  Life is a game, play hard.  As the sun and the moon dance in turn across the sky, so I rise.  As the dust eventually finds a place to lay, so I too may settle someday.


I am endlessly amazed by the people I find myself surrounded by.  Going down in elevation from family oriented Telluride to wompy rager in the woods Electric Forest was a true eye-opener.  Through the dark of the night and the less than human side of this festival party scene there is still a radiant light of consciousness shining through.  Rainbow creatures dancing up a storm of dust.  The bright and inspiring few who know how to pick up their own garbage.  Exploration.  The excitement and wonder of what you’ll find around the next bend.  Music that can transform the way you view yourself and the world.  I am forever grateful for the life I have created.  I take full responsibility for its ups and downs. We are all-powerful.  Let’s keep it good and make it gooder.


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Electric Forest Print 2013

EFF13yes11″x17″ Colored Pencil and Ink on Paper

First Edition of 300 prints.

$10 on lot, $20 online

See y’all in the forest!

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Austin is a strange little monster.  The inexhaustible abundance of live music.  The incredible tropical weather.  The backyard barbeque mentality.  Everywhere you go feels like a friendly midsummer house-party.  Drinking beers on wooden picnic benches under white lights strung between big live oak trees.

The energy of the city flares up each weekend as the extraordinary Texan party scene unfurls across town.  Literally bursting at the seems during festivities like South by Southwest and Saint Patrick’s Day.  A place where “good” weather means under a hundred degrees, as opposed to the Pacific Northwest where anything over sixty-five warrants a sundress and sandals.

There’s a special lust for life here.  Everyone has an outlet of some kind.  Whether it’s hiking the greenbelt (a wide expanse of rural-ish trails that run quite literally through the city and back out again.), playing live music at every opportunity or smashing on bikes all day, just to go ride bikes.  The amount of sunny days and outdoor livability brings an ease and sweetness to the people down here.

For those of you who know me, worry not, I’ve still yet to find a town that can contain me year round.  But I invite everyone to get a little taste of this Tex-mexy, Southwest-ish, Cheeseburger-in-paradiseness that’s sizzlin’ on the grill down here in Austin.
Three week countdown till blazing saddles gets back on the open road.  Thank you people of Austin it has been a wonderful, colorful, at times sweaty but enjoyable few months.  I will greatly miss your swimming holes and Carpe Omnia ideology.



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A Note on Suffering:

Suffering is the human condition: an unavoidable aspect to the state of being alive.  Discomfort, disease, death, heartache, loss.  The lows.
For the past few months I’ve been called upon and written to, by more friends and family than ever before, calling out for support in times of emotional need.  Shit is hitting the fan.  Relatives are dying.  Solid loving relationships are crumbling, lots of them.  Many are being thrown into existential crises of sorts.  What am I doing?  What is wrong with this picture?  Why me?  When will it end?
There is light on the other side of this I promise you.  To those walking through the valley of suffering, I’m so very sorry that you are going through this right now.  I believe you are capable of coming through to the other side.  There is beauty and joy and light surrounding you constantly whether or not you have the clarity right now to see it.  It is not a cave, it is a tunnel.  Sometimes even a rite of passage.

I believe we are on a path.  We are here to learn and grow from each and every set of experiences that fall into our lap.  When we find ourselves in times of grief and suffering we have a conscious choice to either wallow in it and scream dirty things into the dark sky or decide to rise.  We can decide to get exactly what these circumstances are trying to give us.  Learn to let go.  Learn to move forward despite setbacks.  Learn to love in the face of heartbreak.
(A note on love:  There is no such thing as too much love.  There is no way you can miss out on the love of your life by loving everything that crosses your path today in this moment.  If you are worried about missing out on your next true one, don’t.  Think of them as a planet, coming into your orbit with a gravitational pull.  There is no mistaking that kind of attraction.  It’s simply a force of nature.  You cannot miss out on such an event because you were facing the other direction.  “Tackle the motherfucking shit out of love” -Cheryl Strayed)
Another reason people don’t get what they want in life, a source of suffering, is the factor of self worth.  A lot of people don’t believe they deserve to be happy, don’t deserve to be loved, don’t deserve to be treated well, paid well, or simply don’t have the courage to walk away from what society tells them is a good job in order to do whatever makes their heart soar.
It’s time to take a stand for yourself.
Whether it is substance abuse, unkind lovers, or jobs and towns that aren’t satisfying, decide for yourself to become the possibility of exactly what you indeed deserve, and make it fucking happen.
Find something that lights your heart up and do it.  THAT IS YOUR DUTY!
Play it, paint it, “write like a motherfucker” as Cheryl Strayed would put it.
Enough is enough.  It is time to take a good hard look at the suffering in your life and choose to step into the light. Accept no less than every inch of what you deserve and each and every one of you deserves the very hot-damn best in life.
Reach out to the people in your world, especially the ones that make you happy, those are the ones to move forward with and the ones to lean upon in times of need.  Shed as much light on this earth as you can for the brief moment that you are blessed to inhabit it.  Thank you for being in my life.  I am forever grateful to be a part of yours.


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SCI New Years Eve Run 2012-2013


11″x17″ colored pencil on paper.

Limited Edition print.

Made for the Broomfield, Colorado shows December 29-31, 2012

$5 on lot.
$20 after the event.


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Thirty Days of Gratitude

I started this little ritual with my Mom last April.  For 30 days we wrote down a list of 10 things that we were grateful for.  Simple things like abundance, family, health, happiness, love, inspiration, adventure, laughter, evolution.  Then we’d sit and think about each one for a minute, or even just feel the gratitude for each one for the duration of one deep breath.  Looking back that was a time that my entire existence shifted.  I went from regular ramblin’ roamin’ Molly to a state of light and bliss.  Where each day was joyful.  Each moment.  Each mile.

Taking a moment to feel gratitude over just a few things each day opened a door in my life for more great things to show up.  And not only that, I was experiencing gratitude for every little thing in my life as I was living it.  Grateful for the water in my glass.  Grateful for my life.  Grateful for the company I was keeping.

I have been feeling a stronger and stronger connection to the people in my life lately.  People who get what it’s all about.  People who travel the world with a backpack and a smile.  People who pool money for gas just to make it to the next show.  People who teach each other fundamental life lessons.  Especially the hard ones.  People who take action and transform their lives into something beautiful.

People who make art.

People who make music.

People who grow food.

People who write.

People who teach yoga.

Yes, you!  I am grateful for you.  For your life.  For the work that you do.  Whatever the hell it is that you do.  Thank you.

Whatever change, if any, is coming this December.  Big or Small.  I hope that we can approach it consciously with gratitude, light and unconditional love.

Every moment.

Every decision.

Every interaction.

We get to decide how and when to be the enlightened people we are on the road to becoming.

I say NOW

Let’s fucking do it.

Let’s choose happiness

Let’s choose forward.

Together.  Let us ascend.

On this long and winding road, I am grateful for each and every one of you.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Thank you for being conscious and tuned in individuals.

Thank you for making my life not only worth living, but fucking fabulous.


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