Here and Now

One may well burst out in laughter. -Long Chen Pa

I have been fortunate enough to have inherited this virus they call the travel bug from my mother at the age of three when she first took my brother and I to Europe.  Since then I’ve been to twenty-six countries on five continents, and realized that traveling is one of the few things I’m truly passionate about.

My most recent adventures have taken me to Egypt, Turkey, Colombia and Southeast Asia.  However home-base is in the lush swamplands of the Willamette Valley, just south of Portland, Oregon.

This is a place for travel stories, projects, rumination and reverie.  From time to time I plan on digging into my personal archives so not all material will be chronological, but hopefully all of it will be relevant.

The quote above is one I like to live by.  I find that an indiscriminate and juvenile sense of humor is a valuable and largely underrated trait in a person.

Also, insight and feedback is warmly welcomed.



Here is my Bucket List for those who are interested.