“I believe in nothing, everything is sacred….. I believe in everything, nothing in sacred.” -Robbins

Cat’s Cradle is one of my all time favorites. Kurt Vonnegut endlessly challenged our culture and made us question our ways of thinking. His writing inspires independence and creativity and I believe this is one of the best novels he wrote.




Robbins, alongside Vonnegut, takes the cake for my favorite writer ever. I spent a solid year of my life only reading Tom Robbins, and was not happy when I ran out of books. He spray paints the imagination with endless poetic and original metaphors. If Vonnegut is the steak and potatoes, Robbins is the decadent chocolate cake for dessert. Dense but delicious.


A reluctant messiah story. This book had a huge part in shaping my view of reality. It’s one of those where you can open it to any page and get insight that relates to your life, like a magic 8 ball. It’s a quick read that could change your life.

Kerouac is obviously one of my favorite writers to quote. He brings to life the essence of the beat generation and what it’s truly like to be on the road and to connect back with nature. Read it.

“Raindrops are ecstasy, raindrops are not different from ecstasy, neither is ecstasy different from raindrops, yea, ecstasy is raindrops, rain on, O cloud!”

Be Here Now is another book you can take one page at a time. It’s visually pleasing and philosophically stimulating. I will never live without a copy on hand.

This book best describes my view on what happens when we die.  I highly recommend this for anyone dealing with the loss of someone close to them.  It is beautifully written and heartbreaking while remaining hopeful.  (Also, as most books do, it goes much deeper than the feature film.)

Aldous Huxley. Damn. I read this book for the first time at a cheerleading competition. I had to read each sentence twice just to begin to grasp it over all the yelling and pep. Humanity has lost all humanity. The concept of “family” is pornographic and romance is “obscene”. We get to take a step back and assess what values we want to hang onto for the next 100 years. Huxley to put it simply is a fucking genius.

“Empty space is actually a cauldron of seething energies -the Zero Point Field.” -Arthur Clarke.

McTaggart shows the Zero Point Field as the real meaning behind inertia, gravity, and all of Newton’s 1st Law. This is a great one to read after and before Bach’s Illusions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like science, this book blows your mind with physics experiments that seriously support metaphysical ideas. Highly recommended by the geek in me.

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Also here is what I’ve been reading recently.