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From Telluride through Sherwood Forest


What a fantastic weekend. (Or ten days) Telluride! Beautiful people, incredible music and absolutely stunning landscapes.  Sitting once again beside an ice cold waterfall in Town Park, cleansed by it’s earthly delight.  Elephant Revival blew it out of the park.  Trampled by Turtles night-grass was a life changing experience.IMG_3897 I am happy, refreshed and inspired.  I am in love with people.  It hit me again the other night just how completely bat-shit crazy my life is.  I am a peripatetic vagabond and I fucking love that. What a world to explore.  What a time to be alive.  What an amazing journey to continue diving headlong into.  I find bliss in living each day to perfection.  I am so grateful to my muse, my wanderlust and my infinite supply of friends and family that support me on my path.  I ride the wave that is the open road and thank the universe for divine serendipity in all I do.  Thank you thank you thank you! Right place, right time, even when an hour late.


I am but a player on a stage and that knowledge has the power to set me free in this life.  Life is a game, play hard.  As the sun and the moon dance in turn across the sky, so I rise.  As the dust eventually finds a place to lay, so I too may settle someday.


I am endlessly amazed by the people I find myself surrounded by.  Going down in elevation from family oriented Telluride to wompy rager in the woods Electric Forest was a true eye-opener.  Through the dark of the night and the less than human side of this festival party scene there is still a radiant light of consciousness shining through.  Rainbow creatures dancing up a storm of dust.  The bright and inspiring few who know how to pick up their own garbage.  Exploration.  The excitement and wonder of what you’ll find around the next bend.  Music that can transform the way you view yourself and the world.  I am forever grateful for the life I have created.  I take full responsibility for its ups and downs. We are all-powerful.  Let’s keep it good and make it gooder.


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Thank You, More Please

I wrote in my journal a year ago when I moved to Colorado the first time. I want a bartending job, a free place to live and a lover. Within two weeks I had two of them and within a month the third. I didn’t realize I had even asked for that specifically until months later looking at the date on the entry and seeing how it had all panned out. Letting your list of desires lay on a page and then completely forgetting about them allows the universe to work it’s magic and pull those things to you. Not worrying about them or forcing decisions for how you think things should show up, leaves it all up to chance.  The thing about the law of attraction is you will never know the “how” ahead of time. Things tend to manifest in strange and unexpected ways.  You couldn’t possibly think up the “how”; the “what” is all you need to worry about and then, don’t worry about it. Release it through written word or opening up to someone in your life, what things you are committed to creating or manifesting and then go about your day. Go to ten interviews and give each all you have. Go on ten dates and see what qualities are endearing and supportive to your life. Look at every place you could possibly tolerate living, or every offer a friend brings up in conversation and the right one to choose will always become obvious. And sometimes the one you choose will be rough, the roommates will be messy, or the job will only last a couple months, the rough ones are actually the perfect thing to do also. They teach you the lessons that are made just for you, to keep pushing you along your perfect path.

People often search for the perfect lover or the perfect car or just the right job and 401k, hoping that at some point there will be no more searching. That at some point there will be sublime happiness and contentment and nothing left to worry about. This is simply not reality. Making your life about finding that end point, that perfect state, is to ignore the joy in the present. To refuse to be here now. To stay present in the process, to trust that even the hard times are the right times for you in the moment, to say yes to each situation, good or bad, that shows up for you: This is the meaning of life. Thank you, more please. Gratitude. Grace, kindness and thanks in each moment. This is the way to make it through. This is the way to add to the light. This is it.

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Panorama Living

Wide open spaces.  Where each sunset lights up the snow capped continental divide and a white wintry morning can be a mid seventies kite flying afternoon in what feels like a matter of minutes.  I come from a lush and beautiful place where the trees stretch overhead like wise old stiffs at a cold wet party and an emerald shade of green is ever-present.  It’s  magnificent but it’s nearly always obscuring all but a small sliver of sky.

This land however is a panorama.  360 degrees.  So much open space that it is easy to feel like you are standing on top of the earth and not just playing around inside it..  I love the jungle and I miss the beach but good heavens this landscape is constantly taking my breath away.  In 24 hours a fox chased a rabbit across my path and a heard of deer stopped traffic.  Who knows what this land has in store for tomorrow…


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