Austin is a strange little monster.  The inexhaustible abundance of live music.  The incredible tropical weather.  The backyard barbeque mentality.  Everywhere you go feels like a friendly midsummer house-party.  Drinking beers on wooden picnic benches under white lights strung between big live oak trees.

The energy of the city flares up each weekend as the extraordinary Texan party scene unfurls across town.  Literally bursting at the seems during festivities like South by Southwest and Saint Patrick’s Day.  A place where “good” weather means under a hundred degrees, as opposed to the Pacific Northwest where anything over sixty-five warrants a sundress and sandals.

There’s a special lust for life here.  Everyone has an outlet of some kind.  Whether it’s hiking the greenbelt (a wide expanse of rural-ish trails that run quite literally through the city and back out again.), playing live music at every opportunity or smashing on bikes all day, just to go ride bikes.  The amount of sunny days and outdoor livability brings an ease and sweetness to the people down here.

For those of you who know me, worry not, I’ve still yet to find a town that can contain me year round.  But I invite everyone to get a little taste of this Tex-mexy, Southwest-ish, Cheeseburger-in-paradiseness that’s sizzlin’ on the grill down here in Austin.
Three week countdown till blazing saddles gets back on the open road.  Thank you people of Austin it has been a wonderful, colorful, at times sweaty but enjoyable few months.  I will greatly miss your swimming holes and Carpe Omnia ideology.



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  1. irf

    Damn, you’re a terrific writer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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