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The Unbearable Lightness of Rainbows

I feel the time has come for me to explain this rainbow obsession of mine.

It is not about gay pride.  Although I proudly support gay rights WHOLEheartedly, I am straight.  It is also not a spunion, candy-kid raver fascination with multicolored plastic beads.  However, they may indeed be getting from that full spectrum the same things I’m getting.


I believe, and have read that all living things are made up of light waves.  Each of us (organisms) are putting out our own glow, or aura if you will.  That light, which is also more literally the physical quality that allows us to constantly perceive the beautiful world around us, when broken down or refracted is a full spectrum, ROYGBIV of colors.  Honoring that light in each of us and all living things is the basis of my fascination with rainbows.

Furthermore, the seven chakras in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism are also associated with different colors.  Colored light, different hued glasses and specific types of colored stones are all said to assist in activating and unblocking energy pathways in each chakra. It is believed that the unblocking of these energy vortices is essential to the process of enlightenment and thus in the path to nirvana.  Red- Base/Root Chakra, Orange- Sacral Chakra, Yellow- Solar Plexus Chakra, Green- Heart Chakra, Blue- Throat Chakra, Indigo- Third Eye Chakra and Violet or White- Crown Chakra.

I believe our purpose on this earth is to dwell in the light and to honor the light in each other and all living things.  To focus on the positive, to follow one’s true passions, to love unconditionally is to add to the light.  We are each a small candle, illuminating the temple of planet earth, for as long as we are blessed enough to inhabit it.

Namaste.  The spirit (light) in me bows to the spirit (light) in you.


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