Sad Little Clowny

This roller coaster life we love to live through.  The glitter-gasms of another incredible burn fade into a harsh decompression this year.  A carefree, love-crazed, giggling, jort wearing, rainbow clad clown has fallen back to earth.  Back to the default world.  Penniless with distant prospects.  The gut wrenching heartache of love from a distance.  Insatiable wanderlust.  Getting deep into debt, just to look at the world from the bottom and say hello.  Yes, of course it could be worse.

The view from the top is comfortable and full of possibilities but you really don’t appreciate that unless you go down once in a while.  The happiness, the ease, the get up and go, the contentment you long for… it’s all perspective.  So maybe we wallow in it.  It can get the better of anyone, that sense of failure.  What went wrong?  Why do some people have it so easy?  Where is my trust fund?  Why do they get to fall in love with someone in the same zip code?  But wallow forever?  Of course not!

This life is a game and you have to play along. If you are afraid to try because you’re afraid to fail, FAIL! For heaven’s sake, fail a lot! Fail endlessly. Try things you suck at. Fall in love for the wrong reasons. Get into debt. Gamble your life away. Open your heart.  Let it all fall down. Take risks. And laugh loudly when you make an ass of yourself, as expected. 
Because life is too short to play it safe and die wondering, “What if?”

What if I tried?


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3 responses to “Sad Little Clowny

  1. irf

    Did most of those already.
    Laughing is by far THE BEST !!!!
    ha ha

  2. Careb

    “People need shadows to rest in,” Yoko Ono said today on Twitter. Keep allowing–and loving–no matter how far or wide. Love you more than green goo boo.

  3. I love that first paragraph especially. Your way with words is killer!

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