Kundalini: My First Burning Man Installation



first assemblage

Fully strung


Rainbow Family Portrait

Night shot


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5 responses to “Kundalini: My First Burning Man Installation

  1. camina

    this is revolutionary! wish i could have seen it out there. i love every aspect of the design. LUM VUM RAM YUM HUM KSHUM OM. thank you for sharing…..and of course for being a staple out on the playa, a total rainbow queen :). jai!

  2. Zo-deh


  3. irf

    YOU and IT look totally cool !!!
    Way to go doo-dah !!!!!

    Love, d

  4. Nick Mandelberg

    It’s gorgeous Molly. I remember seeing the parts of it in Dad’s garage but I had no idea that’s what it would turn into. Beautiful work really. Can’t wait to see you this week.

  5. Rev

    Hi. I love your Sri Yantra glow art. Are you selling it? Or can show the technique to do it?

    Thanks you

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