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Panorama Living

Wide open spaces.  Where each sunset lights up the snow capped continental divide and a white wintry morning can be a mid seventies kite flying afternoon in what feels like a matter of minutes.  I come from a lush and beautiful place where the trees stretch overhead like wise old stiffs at a cold wet party and an emerald shade of green is ever-present.  It’s  magnificent but it’s nearly always obscuring all but a small sliver of sky.

This land however is a panorama.  360 degrees.  So much open space that it is easy to feel like you are standing on top of the earth and not just playing around inside it..  I love the jungle and I miss the beach but good heavens this landscape is constantly taking my breath away.  In 24 hours a fox chased a rabbit across my path and a heard of deer stopped traffic.  Who knows what this land has in store for tomorrow…


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