Estoy aqui en Bogota!

What a beautiful place.  I got in last night, calm as a kitten, despite my embarrassingly pitiful rendition of the spanish language.  Arrived at the Cranky Croc, a hostel in La Candelaria.  A funky little establishment with a quaint cafe, communal kitchen and mossy courtyard inside.  Wandering around the city today I found myself coming to street corners and choosing my direction by looking for the next patch of trees or a photo-worthy piece of graffiti.  Bought a compass for a dollar and a chocolate croissant for fifty cents.  Looming over the city is a lush mountainside mostly shrouded in clouds.  Wild flowers grow on the rooftops and besides all the road construction, the run-down, paint-peeling architecture invokes an exotic sort of nostalgia.  Once again I find myself, a stranger in an unknown land, the scent of adventure at every turn.


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4 responses to “Estoy aqui en Bogota!

  1. zoe

    i LOVE You! keep on making your dreams come true.

  2. Anne

    Sounds wonderful– I love seeing the photos, too!

  3. Cal-Dog

    I love it! A chocolate croissant and a compass: alliteration on a Wednesday!!! Love you so hard…rock it like you know how to do so well…looks cloudy, but stunning

  4. Pica

    Te quiero TAN fuertisimo chica! Andale, que te vayas bien! xoxo

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