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Blind Foolishness

Sometimes life is easy.  Everything is planned out and paid for and you finish high school, and you get into college and its awesome.  And then… sometimes the path ahead disappears and we find ourselves groping blindly through the dark asking, “What next?”  These are the times I believe we need to exercise faith.  Not prayer and scripture per se, but plain old faith in the universe.

Faith in the fact that there is no fucking this up.  Faith in doing what you want, sometimes making bad choices and letting whatever follows shape you into the person you’re hopelessly destined to become… one way or another.  So let it be.

Make choices based on heart-lifting excitement, unknowns and adventure.  Live so that you are adding light, joy and happiness to this planet for the brief moment that you get to inhabit it.  Choose to run wild on this earth and take in as much as you can of your surroundings.  That way there is no room to go wrong.

Here’s to faith in the darkness and raging against the dying of the light.

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